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Preparation Layer

Adequate preparation of the subfloor, as well as the layers underneath the topcoat of the flooring system, will impact the overall look and life of the finished surface. Primers, levelling compounds and self-levelling screeds are used to prepare rough unfinished substrates and to achieve an even surface, removing any dips, slopes or waves.

Preparation layers are used for internal flooring in residential, commercial and industrial flooring systems and also for external application such as balconies, terraces, podium decks and car parks. Both newly built and refurbishment flooring projects will benefit from preparation layers as they can significantly extend the life of the system. It is crucial that products used as preparation layers are compatible and work together to create a holistic flooring system.

Flooring components - Floor primers

Primers create a base that serves as an adhesion promoter to ensure that upper layers of flooring are fully bonded with the substrate. Primers are often applied by a roller or a spray before any levelling material or adhesive is used. Primers can be used with adhesive and torch on upper layers.

Benefits of primers as floor components

  • Adhesion promoters
  • Moisture regulation between substrate and levelling compounds or adhesives above
  • Binds any residual dust

Flooring components -

To achieve a long-lasting flooring solution with a perfect finish, the surface of the substrate needs to be completely even and smooth. Liquid applied levelling compounds are effective for smoothing over any cracks, cavities and faults in the substrate and can provide seamless rot and root resistant waterproofing. The fast application and rapid curing times allow for the upper layers to be installed quickly.

Benefits of levelling compounds as flooring components

  • Flow and levelling properties
  • Perfectly flat, faultless surfaces
  • Fast application and curing times

Flooring components - Mastic asphalt screeds for floor preparation

Mastic asphalt screed is a self-levelling solution designed to provide drainage falls as well as a stable and strong base for the specified flooring. It can also act as a temporary waterproofing layer. Although heat is required for the installation, this is rapid, and the area can be overlaid as soon as it cools to ambient temperature. Mastic asphalt screed can be used with most materials including liquid applied and bituminous membranes, felts, and formulated mastic asphalt top layers.

Benefits of mastic asphalt screed as a flooring component

  • Self-levelling over uneven surfaces can help eliminate ponding on balconies, walkways, car parks & HGV service decks
  • Eliminates the need for AVCL and self-levelling compound in a flooring system
  • Rapid curing solution with a high level of resistance and strength

IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help with the sustainability of your project.

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