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Flooring components – Top coat

A top coat, as the name suggests, is the top finishing layer of a surface. The function of a flooring top coat varies depending on application. It can form a floor seal with a variety colours, designs and finishes, including non-slip. Exposed aggregates can be added to achieve specific aesthetic appeal. They can also create a surface that is hygienic and easy to clean. Top coats can also be a heavy duty surfacing layer added to the flooring system that allows for the mechanical loads of vehicular traffic. They can also be used in conjunction with a wear course installed beneath it, but some applications may only require a top coat.

The specification of a top coat varies from internal use in residential settings to hospitals, schools or even warehouses with vehicular traffic. Externally, top coats are used for balconies, terraces, podium decks, pedestrian and vehicle ramps, cycle paths and car parks.

Based on a project’s requirements, top coats can be designed for specialist application as acid and chemical resistant surfaces or for specific uses such as in cold stores or in uninsulated buildings.

Top coats can also be cold applied liquid flooring components based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or mastic asphalt surfacing solutions that require heat for installation. PMMA based top coats are fast to install and cure making them trafficable within hours of application. Formulated mastic asphalt flooring components are also rapid curing and are trafficable as soon as the surface has cooled to ambient temperature.

Benefits of top coats as a flooring component

  • Protective, sealing layer of a flooring system
  • Abrasion and mechanical resistance
  • Slip resistant finish, for example using quartz sand
  • Colour flooring options and use of exposed aggregate
  • Gloss finish
  • Specialist top coats such as chemical and acid resistant top coats or cold resistant

The majority of IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help with the sustainability of your project.

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