Products for highways surface repair and maintenance

With the number of cars on our highways increasing, it is crucial to use high performing, long-lasting highway surface repair and maintenance products. Motorways in the UK carried 70 billion vehicle miles of traffic in 2019. This represents an 11% increase compared to 10 years ago. Any longitudinal and traverse cracking and damage to the motorway surface can be a hazard to the road users. If moisture or chemicals from de-icing and diesel and oil spillages penetrate the surface, the substrates and the road surface could deteriorate rapidly.

Polymer modified mastic asphalt is a highly durable and flexible material that offers high performance under heavy loads. This makes it an ideal solution for emergency or reactive repairs as well as maintenance of motorways.

The low product life cycle cost, and the durability of these surface repair and maintenance products, makes polymer modified mastic asphalt ideal for projects with strict budgets and deadlines. It can be used on large continuous areas that would be exposed to heavy traffic loads and roadway junctions or other areas of high stress. A wide range of products can be used on a variety of reinstatement works, from motorway surfaces and ironworks reinstatement to the repair of expansion joint systems.

Thanks to the quick and relatively easy installation along with rapid curing times, repairs can be completed overnight, potentially allowing for motorways to open for the rush hour traffic. Minimising road closures means less disruption to the public and businesses.

All IKO mastic asphalt products are carbon neutral. The CO2 produced during the manufacturing process of the product is offset by environmentally friendly energy saving schemes in under-developed countries.

What are the benefits of mastic asphalt highways surface repair and maintenance products

  • Versatile solutions that are relatively easy to install
  • All IKO products in this category are BBA certified and HAPAS approved (certificate 02/H072)
  • Unlimited repair width and depth
  • Rapid installation reducing delays and inconvenience
  • Long term durability and cost effectiveness
  • Withstands heavy traffic, including aircraft, trucks and tracked vehicles
  • Range of finishes to match different road surfaces and excellent skid resistance
  • High bond strength to the substrate and ability to accommodates differential/substrate movement

IKO products are manufactured in the UK from responsibly, and where possible, locally sourced materials in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help with the sustainability of your project.

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Why Choose IKO?
  • Full Range of Products from One Manufacturer

  • Expert Product Support

  • Commitment to Sustainability

  • UK Manufacturing

IKO Permatrack H – Inlaid Crack Repair System

IKO Permatrack H – Inlaid Crack Repair System

    Key Benefits to your project
    • BBA approved (Certificate No. 02/H072)

    • Highways England Registered Product (No. 028 – 22/08/2002)

    • Rapid installation to unlimited width and depth with no compaction required

    IKO Permatrack Road Surface Patch Repair System

    IKO Permatrack Road Surface Patch Repair System

      Key Benefits to your project
      • Minimum depth of repair 40mm, no maximum depth

      • Repairs thin wearing layers with no need for large patch removal, including SMA

      • Rut resistance @50°C 3mm/hr

      IKO Permatrack Transition Joint to Railway Lines System

      IKO Permatrack Transition Joint to Railway Lines System

        Key Benefits to your project
        • Versatile and waterproof system

        • Rapid installation reducing delays and inconvenience

        • Unlimited joint width and depth

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