IKO Permatrack – Mastic Asphalt for all your Highway Maintenance Requirements

Motorways in the UK carried 70 billion vehicle miles of traffic in 2019 which is an 11% increase compared to 10 years ago! With So many cars on the road more than ever, it is crucial to use high performing, long lasting road repair products.

Highways, bridges and infrastructure restoration projects require a flexible and versatile waterproofing system to repair the reflective cracking in tarmac/concrete, transitional and expansion joints that are used within bridge decks and the reinstatement of ironworks.

IKO’s advanced mastic asphalt waterproofing systems provides rapid installation and long-term durability by minimising the road closures and inconvenience to road users.

IKO Permatrack stands out from the competition by offering a long term solution. It is designed to withstand heavy training with a low product-cycle cost offering savings in the long term

Netheridge Swing Bridge, Gloucester - IKO Permatrack Bridge Surfacing

System Benefits:

  • Unlimited repair width and depth
  • Rapid installation reducing road closures and delays
  • Long term durability
  • Withstands heavy traffic, including aircraft, trucks and tracked vehicles
  • Cost effective in the long term
  • Accommodates differential/substrate movement
  • Range of finishes to match different road surfaces
  • BBA HAPAS approved (certificate 02/H072)
  • Completely Carbon Neutral

We are looking for Highway framework contractors to give exclusivity for IKO Permatrack so you can be the only approved contractor installing this innovative product in your area.

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Case Studies:

IKO Permatrack Inlaid Crack Repair M25-M1 Top Link (2)

M25, London

M4, Chiswick Flyover, Hammersmith - Case Study

Chiswick Flyover

M4, Junctions 5-7 - Case Study

M4 Jct 5-7




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