IKO enertherm GOLD – New Insulation Board from IKO

We are excited to introduce you to a brand new addition to our insulation range! IKO enertherm GOLD is more than just an insulation board! With great lambda values and compression strength, it offers you an exceptional product with a premium technical support service so you can put your mind at ease!


Product Benefits:

  • Retain their shape and dimensional stability longer than standard PIR insulation boards with a coarser foam. No shrinking or cold bridging, allowing you to have a longer service life without the loss of insulation properties.
  • A low lambda value, meaning you achieve a better thermal performance for your projects whilst using less insulation.
  • UK Class 1 fire rating – a low to zero smoke emission rate and no melting or dripping, helping you to meet the fire performance requirements of your projects
  • Thanks to their high compression strength and shape retention, IKO enertherm GOLD insulation boards can also be walked on without disruption to the insulation capabilities. (Piece of mind solution for sites with high foot traffic from follow-on-trades)
  • Comprehensive technical support throughout your project (everything you need from U-value, wind uplift and drainage calculations, condensation risk analysis to onsite support)
  • Reduced risk and assurance that all the system components are right for your project (full roofing system offer from IKO)
  • Lightweight boards for ease of transportation and handling
  • Consists of recycled content to help meet the sustainability requirements of your project
  • Manufactured wholly in the UK – reduced CO2 emissions during transport

To try IKO enertherm GOLD insulation boards in your next project or find out more information, get in touch today.

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