Cold Applied Liquid System for a Fast Installation – IKO hybritech

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new cold applied liquid system IKO hybritech. This one-component system offers you the convenience of a wet-on-wet application, saving you considerable amount of time on site.

With no catalyst to mix up and no waiting for the first coat to dry, you can easily open the tin, lay the first coat down and carry on with the second coat immediately. Easy as that!


What’s so good about IKO hybritech?

  • One component system meaning no catalyst to mix up, no waiting for the first coat to dry – ease of installation
  • Low viscosity – fast installation makes it ideal for large roof areas
  • Great time saving benefits – on average 250m2 roof installation per day
  • No primer needed – further time and cost savings!
  • Odourless solution – ideal choice for occupied buildings such as schools, hospitals and food processing sites 
  • No need for operating an air conditioning unit to avoid the smell – reduces labour costs
  • Available at competitive prices

To try IKO hybritech on your next project or find out more information, get in touch with us today.

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