IKO Mach One Moves On…

IKO’s philosophy is to continually improve even our most successful products. Having listened last year to a number of recommendations from our valued customers we are very pleased to launch the all new IKO Mach Two.

Based on the very successful technology of IKO MACH One we felt (sorry about the pun!) that after 20 years it deserved a bit of a facelift…

IKO MACH Two has been developed to offer specific performance advantages over its predecessor, while still providing the fast, easy installation for which IKO MACH One is known. Now a stronger, cleaner evolution of the successful IKO Mach One single layer bituminous roofing system for flame-free installation.

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IKO MACH Two’s heavier polyester glass-fibre composite reinforcement gives exceptional mechanical strength and stability, resulting in a better durability (now over 30 years) and increasing puncture resistance. The reinforcement is coated with a high percentage SBS modified bitumen incorporating Graphite Firewall Technology.

The sand backing to the IKO MACH One has been replaced with a synthetic fleece on the new IKO MACH Two, making installation a cleaner operation. Adhesion has also improved, allowing for faster hot air welding on site. We like the fact that this improvement also reduces our reliance on finite natural materials.

IKO MACH Two is still easy to install using either a mechanical fix or with PU adhesive, and is still available in the three colours (black, brown and green).

An added advantage of the new version is its compatibility with a range of IKO enertherm Insulation Boards. By installing with our IKO enertherm Gold Insulation Board, U-values can be achieved with a 20mm reduction in the thickness of the system allowing for even greater design flexibility.

Our experienced product development team – some of whom worked on the design of IKO MACH One twenty years ago – have combined improved technical performance with an in-depth understanding of how our customers like to work on site.

You and your customers may also be reassured to know that IKO MACH Two is being manufactured on a new improved line within our production facility in the UK.


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