IKO Mach Two – New High Performance Bitumen Membrane

Our IKO Mach One – single layer high performance bitumen membrane system – has been a market leader for decades. We have used those years of experience and expertise to develop an evolution of this popular product. IKO Mach Two delivers a tougher product in a single layer that can be installed even faster.

IKO Mach Two is being manufactured wholly within the UK, in our Appley Bridge factory, which not only helps with on time site deliveries but also reduces the carbon footprint during the logistic process.


System Benefits:

  • Robust single-layer system with solid mechanical strength
  • 5 easy step to install
  • Perfect for projects requiring a flame-free installation
  • Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology with self-extinguishing properties (In the event of a fire on your roof, IKO Mach Two will extinguish it for you in just 7.11 seconds)
  • Rapid, clean and safe installation
  • Offered with a 25 year guarantee

So what’s been improved with IKO Mach Two Bitumen Membrane?

  • Even thicker, now 5.3mm to provide a better performance and durability
  • Improved puncture resistance and better thermal performance when used with IKO enertherm GOLD insulation boards
  • The new polyester glass-fibre composite reinforcement provides even better mechanical strength and stability
  • Faster and hassle-free installation – no added preparation or clean-up time involved due to the replacement of the sand backing used on IKO Mach One
  • Improved sustainability – sanded finish replaced with a fleece back, bringing the environmental benefits of not using a finite natural raw material
  • Mach Two – classified Broof (t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005

To try IKO Mach Two in your next project or find out more information, get in touch with us today.

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