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The following contractors have recently joined our contractor network:


  • Barclay Roofing – Addition of IKO Permatec – Steve Scott
  • Marshall ConstructionJames Hoey
  • Primeseal – Addition of BUR – Mark Taylor
  • Skyler ContractingMartin Gavaghan
  • Greenroof UK Ltd – Addition of IKO Permatec – Steve Scott
  • Lester Fabrications and Cladding – IKO Permatec – Tony Davis
  • JELT Constructive Builders Ltd – IKO Permatec – Martin Gavaghan
  • Classic Roofing – BUR – Mark Bailey


  • Apex Roofing SpecialistsSteve Scott
  • Kynaston Contract Services  – Tony Davis
  • Accurate Flat RoofingGareth Pond
  • Richmond Roofing Coating Systems LimitedSteve Scott
  • Itech Roofworks LtdGareth Pond
  • Turner Contracting – Polimar FCS – David Hinton

Don’t forget to encourage our contractors to enter these awards its a fabulous opportunity to reward great workmanship and loyalty to IKO’s products and services.