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A simple but highly effective range of mastic asphalt paving products to suit any project requirements

Key Benefits

  • Long term durability (up to 20 year material guarantee) 
  • Increased fatigue resistance
  • Ease of installation & good laying qualities
  • Can be installed in cold temperatures
  • Not susceptible to freeze thaw cycles
  • Thin surface course system
  • Waterproof and voidless
  • No compaction required
  • If accidentally damaged, can be easily repaired
  • Manufactured to BS EN 13108-6 standards
  • Proven track record
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting – CarbonZero™ initiative
IKO Pavestar-standard-buildup

Get in touch with us to find out how you can utilise IKO Pavestar for your specific requirements.

We also developed Pavestarplus – a polymer modified mastic asphalt formulation – for projects requiring more flexibility and extended guarantees.


  • Polymer modified mastic asphalt formulation
  • High flexibility & low temperature stability
  • 20 year material guarantee

Delivery to site

IKO Pavestar is delivered ready for use in bulk transporters thereby extending factory quality control to site. Coarse aggregate additions are accurately batched to suit the nominated paving specification.

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