IKO Protorch is a high performance torch-on cap sheet. It is a robust membrane, weighing 5kg/m², and is ideal for roofing professionals. IKO Protorch membranes are polyester based and incorporate a specially blended SBS modified bitumen coating with fast flow properties. Torching speeds are further enhanced by a thermofusable film and selvedge edge.

IKO Protorch can be used as the cap sheet on suitable pour and roll or torch-on underlays as part of a built-up system or as refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected mineral surface felt.

The IKO Protorch high performance bitumen membrane flat roofing system has been tested under ENV1187 and has been classified as BROOF(t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005 fire classification of construction products and building elements – classification using data from external fire exposure to roof tests. This is made possible with the use of IKO Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology with self-extinguishing properties.

System Benefits

  • 5kg per m² – the most robust in its class
  • Class: S4 P5 (as described in BS 8747)
  • Faster torching – rapid flow SBS modified bitumen
  • Thermofusable backing and selvedge films
  • High level of tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance
  • Excellent puncture resistance during works traffic
  • Low temperature flexibility -10ºC
  • Choice of mineral finishes (green, blue-grey, brown or black)
  • 20 year materials guarantee
  • IKO Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology with self-extinguishing properties
  • Classified BROOF(t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005 fire classification, enables unrestricted use within Part B4 of the Approved Documents of the Building Regulations (tested under ENV1187)

* Class, where S = tensile strength; P = resistance to puncture or indentation (Each letter is assigned a numerical suffix which increases with the performance capacity of the membrane).

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