IKO Systems Underlay Range Updates

We would like to inform you that following significant investment at IKO’s Appley Bridge manufacturing site we are proud to announce the launch of IKO Systems range of Partial Bond underlays.

Each range will comprise of a partial bond underlay for the field areas and fully bonded detailing underlay.

The new range is as follows:

IKO Systems – Existing Product IKO Systems – New Product Bond Type
Self-Adhesive Underlay
Heat-Activated Detailing Underlay
Fully Bonded
N/A Heat-Activated Underlay
Partial Bond
Self-Adhesive Detailing Underlay
Torch-Free Detailing Underlay
Fully Bonded
N/A Torch-Free Underlay
Partial Bond
Torch-On Underlay
N/A Fully Bonded
Discontinued Product: IKO UPXL Underlay – 64610003
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So What Has Changed?

The new products feature the new fleece carrier providing a more robust feel to installation while retaining the benefits of the quick installation methods of our traditional systems.

Please note that for any current projects and ongoing specifications you should discuss these changes with your local IKO Business Manager, details of which can be
found here

These changes are accompanied with major investment into the UK manufacturing of the IKO product range, making sure you are always installing a quality and durable built-up roofing system and will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

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Useful Links

Here you will find all the information you need on the IKO Systems Range of Products which includes more details about the individual products and further technical information.

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Got a Built-Up Roofing Question?

These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about built-up roofing (BUR).

If you’ve got your own BUR question, just ask and we’ll do our best to answer.

Roofing (22)

On the basis that a roof is at or above 15 degrees, it is not good practice to overlay existing roof systems. Even those that appear to be in good condition, may have suffered moisture ingress in the past and affect the life expectancy of the new shingle system. On a practical level, lap build up and existing felt detailing at the eaves, verges and ridge positions may impede the installation of the shingle, causing them to not sit flat on the roof. Issues when this occurs can range from unsightly appearance to the uneven seating of the shingle which are then susceptible to wind damage and water ingress.

Category: Roofing

Yes, in warm roof systems, a minimum 13mm thick layer of IKO Permascreed laid on IKO Glass Fibre Tissue separating lauyer will act as an effective VCL.

Category: Roofing

The only roofing solutions that can be installed in ‘wet’ weather are those that are viewed as emergency roof repair compounds such as IKOpro Emergency Roof Repair, with the intention of undertaking further comprehensive or replacement works when the conditions are dry.

Installations in cold weather are dependent on many factors such as the types of IKO products / systems that are being considers and the air and surface temperatures being experienced on-site. For further information on specific product installation parameters please check the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or contact the IKO Technical Department directly on 01257 256 864 or technical.uk@iko.com

Category: Roofing

We work with IKO Approved Contractors covering the UK. You can find out more information on the IKO Approved Contractors in your local area by either:

1 – Providing your postcode (and we can advise by return)
2 – Contact your local IKO Area Business Manager, details of which can be found by calling 01257 255 771

Category: Roofing

You can contact the technical department on technical.uk@iko.com. They will be able to provide you with the relevant documents.

Category: Roofing

A well designed, maintained and waterproofed flat roof should not cause problems or leak, but how would you know that your flat roof is not watertight or that a problem is just around the corner? There are a number of tell-tail signs to look out for and spotting them early can save time and money:

Roof Deck – Surface

  • Debris accumulation and vegetation growth
  • Warped, sprung or broken wooden boards (wooden deck)
  • Cracks, blistering and wear spots
  • Movement in the roof underweight

Roof Deck – Underside (Wood)

  • Rot
  • Warped boards

Roof Deck – Underside (Concrete / Gypsum)

  • Cracks and stains
  • Spots of rust from reinforced rods
  • Chips or splinters

Roof Deck – Underside (Metal)

  • Rust spots

Roof Lights & Detailing

  • Cracks and chips
  • Leakages around the joints
  • Internal moisture and condensation
  • Build-up of moss and lichen


  • Unintentional damage
  • Puncturing and water ingress
  • Poor maintenance


  • Ponding / standing water (in cold weather ice accumulation)
  • Incorrect or lack of falls
  • Blocked drains and gutters

Flashing, Coping & Jointing

  • Damaged or fragile roof lights
  • General / thermal movement
  • Loose, torn or missing
  • Improper installation and bonding
  • Visible rust indicating a lack of coating
  • Cracks, gaps or damage to the joints


  • Saturated roofing build-up
  • Dampness or mould on the ceiling, walls or within a cavity

Exterior & Interior Walls

  • Settlement cracks
  • Stained, displaced flashing or drainage facilities
  • A white / salt coating or surfacing
  • Damp or stained walls and ceilings (usually brown in colour)
  • Chipped or discoloured paint


  • If the school was built before 2000
  • There are several areas throughout the roofing structure where asbestos can potentially be found

IKO’s Long Term Solution
Remember a flat roof which has been designed and installed in accordance with the relevant British Standards and an IKO long-term solution can be trouble-free, providing it is properly maintained and checked at routine and regular intervals, with a note made of any items requiring attention. Key detail areas to check include flashings, upstands, penetrations, edge trims and drainage channels. Maintaining these checks will extend the life expectancy of the roof.

IKO also consider the longevity and lifetime value of an existing, updated or new roof, partnering with a school to make sure any future upgrades or developments such as solar or photovoltaic (PV) possibilities, increased insulation benefits, accessibility or additional drainage can be achieved and conform to building regulations.

Category: Roofing

There is step by step installation information on the technical data sheets as well as on our wrappers.

Category: Roofing

You can find our step by step guide on how to fix and maintain you IKO Super Shed Felt here: https://www.ikogroup.co.uk/2018/08/06/how-to-install-maintain-your-iko-super-shed-felt/


The first step to take in preventing moss growth on your roof is to try increase the amount of sunlight it gets. Although this could be difficult with the typical UK weather, you can aid the process by trimming overhanging tree branches that cast constant shadows on the roof. All debris such as leafs and sticks should be removed as soon as possible and gutters must remain well-maintained to ensure that water flows off the roof as fast as possible. A lot of roofers recommend the installation of zinc strips close to the peak as zinc becomes a natural moss killer when it comes into contact with rain water. Copper strips can also be used instead of zinc with a very similar effect. IKOpro Algae and Fungi Remover can also be used on all outside surfaces, including brickwork, tiles, slates, facades, flooring, glasswork, wood, plastics, bitumen shingles and bituminous roofing.

Despite how you choose to address the moss problem on your roof, it is important to always put your own health and safety first. If you are doubtful of your own ability to perform the required tasks, rather enlist the help of a professional roofing company that will be able to carry out the job swiftly and safely while you remain with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

Category: Roofing

Clout nails should be 15mm large head clout nails. Overlaps will typically be minimum 50mm and will depend upon the slope of the roof. On shallow sloped roof, we would suggest the overlap is increased to 75mm. Lap adhesive also provides extra waterproofing security to the lap so it it recommended to use.

Yes, a primer should be used when installing an IKO self-adhesive underlay onto plywood. We would recommend either the IKOpro Easyseal Bonding agent or IKOpro SA primer for such an application.

Please can you contact the IKO Technical Department to provide a little more detail on this subject matter so that we can help to find a resolution: 01257 256 864 or technical.uk@iko.com

We have dedicated IKO Ares Business Managers in all parts of the country that can help with projects such as this. Please contact the IKO Technical Department in the first instance on 01257 256 864 or technical.uk@iko.com

Categories: Roofing, Specification

The Safe2Torch campaign, launched in 2017 by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), has altered the way we approach roofing specifications. This initiative, developed by the market itself, aims to improve safety on site for everyone involved and has been embraced by the industry.

Safe2Torch is about minimising fire risk and promoting best practice when using gas torches to install torch-on membranes or drying out roof spaces. Consisting of a guidelines booklet and checklist, the campaign aims to promote the safe use of torches at any stage of a project.

Safe2Torch is making safe specifications and safe working practices second nature. Anyone involved in roofing should be pledging their support to the campaign and helping promote it – within the industry and outside it.

Categories: Roofing, Safety

You can find the disposal instructions for the Hot Melt PermaTEC Anti-Root System within the Permatec Anti-Root MSDS document on the product page here >.

Category: Roofing

The definition of a Flat roof is 1-10 degrees but can go up to 12.5 degrees. A Pitched / inclined roof is from 12.5 to 85 degrees.

Flat roofing products (2 layer bitumen felt systems) can be used in pitched / inclined roof applications as long as the correct application methods are implemented. However pitched roof, products can only be used down to their designed minimum pitch. This information can be found on the Technical Data Sheets for the variety of IKO Systems and Solutions we offer.

Category: Roofing

Flat roofs are 10 degrees or lower in their pitch, pitched roofs can be anywhere upward of 12.5 degrees. From our range, single layer shed felts should only be used at 20 degrees and upwards, with the laps both mechanically fixed and sealed with adhesive.

Flat roofing waterproofing systems within the merchant realm are multi-layer (underlay and cap sheet) which are bonded to the deck and fully sealed at laps; potentially including a preparation layer dependant on the deck, etc.

Our advice is to follow the guidance of the specific product TDS (Technical Data Sheet) in each situation for guidance on bonding, sealing, etc.

Category: Roofing

The following specification is a possible solution (based on the limited information provided):

Where IKO Permaphalt is required as an exposed paving subjected to foot traffic only, it is laid in two coats to a nominal thickness of 25mm. The first coat is laid to a thickness of 10mm and the second coat 15mm incorporating 15% by weight of coarse aggregate.

Categories: Roofing, Miscellaneous

A roofing system which has been designed and installed in accordance with the IKO recommendations and relevant British Standards can be expected to provide trouble-free service provided it is properly maintained.

With any roofing system it is essential that proper and adequate maintenance is undertaken at routine intervals to ensure long term performance and life expectancy. This is an integral part of the terms and conditions of any guarantee.

IKO Technical Services recommend that any IKO roofing system is inspected and maintained in accordance with the guidelines given in BS8217 : 2005, Clauses 11.3 to 12.2 inclusive. The frequency of inspections will depend upon local conditions, but there should be at least one visit each year. The presence of trees or local atmospheric pollution would suggest more frequent inspections.

During the course of regular maintenance inspections the whole of the roof should be systematically checked and a note made of any items requiring attention. Other than the main roof area, key detail areas to check include flashings, upstands, penetrations, edge trims and drainage channels.

Category: Roofing

Each IKOslate is 425 x 286mm and weighs 0.57kg

Category: Roofing

If you unroll the product out on the roof it would be the correct way around. i.e. printed side out.

Category: Roofing

A good contractor and a good installation will ultimately only be as good as the quality of products and systems that they are working with, IKO manufacture some of the best roofing products available for both pitched and flat roofs.

When selecting a roofing product, it is worth taking into consideration where the manufacturer is based.  If the company is UK-based are the products manufactured in the UK or sourced from Europe or further afield because this will determine what accreditation the products will have and may also be reflected in the product quality. IKO’s roofing felts products are “British Made for British Trade”, with all three UK manufacturing facilities accredited with ISO 9001 for quality management and BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing.

IKO can further back up its product performance claims with legitimate third-party accreditations and for some products this incudes BBA certification, Declaration of Performance as well as data sheets and case studies.

IKO can supply all of the products needed for most roofing projects to eliminate any worrying about the consequences of compatibility with other manufacturers. A quality supplier such as IKO will also be able to assist with design to ensure the housebuilders select the optimum solution for a project

The IKO Pitched Roof System meets the requirements of most pitched roof projects but with additional benefits.

IKO’s Metrotile for example are made from steel but are designed to be aesthetically indistinguishable from traditional clay pantiles, so they offer the same visual appeal with all the additional benefits you would expect from lightweight steel roofing. The Bond design is available in six colours and pressed from high grade Aluzinc coated steel. The tiles are up to seven times lighter than traditional roofing materials so they put less weight and stress on supporting structures and foundations. They are vandal-resistant, have a 40-year weatherproof guarantee, need virtually no maintenance once installed and are 100% recyclable. And, because they are from IKO, they meet British and European Standards

For slate roofs, IKOslate is 80% lighter than traditional slate of the same size. IKOslate is a composite roof tile manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. Its unique structure gives it superior strength and makes it easier to handle and install.

Not all roofs are pitched, the flat roof is an integral part of many modern homes for features such as porches. In addition to having excellent waterproofing performance, IKO’s flat roofing systems have excellent fire, thermal and environmental performance

IKO’s Torch-On Membranes systems offer simple, rapid application. As the bonding bitumen forms part of the core membrane itself, torch-on systems provide additional certainty of completely homogeneous modified bitumen throughout.

IKO’s Hybrid Systems offer the ultimate combination of proven products, speed of application and safe installation practices on site. The systems combine a quality self-adhesive underlay, high-performance PIR insulation with the proven performance of an IKO Torch-On Cap Sheet.

For sites or construction methods where a flame-free system is required, IKO’s range includes: a choice of built-up adhered systems; a robust single layer system that can be bonded, mechanically-fixed or ballasted; and a self-adhesive built up roofing system option.

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