Jameswood Villa – The House with an Eco-Friendly Slate Roof

At IKO we are so confident that our IKOslate product is simple to install, we gave two complete novices our product alongside instructions and a YouTube video and set them loose on their self-build project in Scotland.

Although very intelligent (and extremely enthusiastic), Cal and Claire were able to take full advantage of the simplicity of our IKOslate complete pitched roofing system and fully refurbish the roof on their newly purchased, and awfully dilapidated, home in Dunoon.

But don’t take our word for it, let Cal and Claire tell you their story about how they “accidentally” bought their property at auction and the decision to renovate.

If Cal and Claire can achieve that finish on their first attempt, think about the possibilities in the hands of an experienced DIYer or contractor.

For those that don’t know the benefits of IKOslate, they are:

  • Quick and simple to install – saving both time and money on site
  • Made from 99% recycled, re-engineered materials yet looks like natural slate
  • Approximately 80% lighter than natural slate and comes in an easy to carry pack with handles
  • Certified to withstand rain and winds up to 110mph
  • Easy to cut on site

“We were thrilled to be able to find a product that’s made out of 99% recycled material and that’s 100% recyclable at the end of its life”

“I was just so surprised at how easy it was to use”