Long-lasting Ironwork Reinstatement

£207,000,000 is spent each year by local authorities & utilities on repairing faulty road ironwork installations such as manhole covers, inspection chambers & gullies.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

By using IKO Pacopatch, you can ensure a long-lasting ironwork reinstatement every time, with no costly second visit. This easy-to-install system is designed to reinstate failing surfaces surrounding manholes, drainage gullies and other public utilities ironworks. With its long-track record of being specified by local authorities and utilities since 2001, IKO Pacopatch offers you a peace-of-mind solution.

No More Premature Road Ironwork Failures

No costly second visit

No costly second visit

IKO Pacopatch provides a long-term road reinstatement installation every time, saving time and money by also avoiding unnecessary road closures and disruption.


No void system

Impermeable and monolithic mastic asphalt reinstatement system, offering a long-lasting solution.


No compaction required

No roller or plate compactor required and no more damages to ironwork seating


No extended road closures

Quick and easy to lay for a faster installation. Installation can be completed in under 30 min

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Here you will find all the information you need on IKO Pacopatch for long-lasting  reinstatement of road ironworks, manholes and gullies.

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Product Page

Product Page

The IKO Pacopatch System
The IKO Pacopatch Brick is manufactured with a high percentage of recycled material and forms the bulk of the system providing dimensional stability and aid the cooling of the Pacopatch Grout. IKO Pacopatch Bricks can be broken as necessary depending on the shape and size of the reinstatement.

IKO Pacopatch Grout is a polymer modified mastic asphalt utilised as the in-fill material. The molten material flows around the Pacopatch Bricks to create an impervious and voidless reinstatement system.

IKO Pacopatch Products
IKO Pacopatch is a simple and effective road ironwork reinstatement system which is made of two key components:

IKO Pacopatch Brick
Some features and benefits of the IKO Pacopatch brick is that it is supplied as 6kg palletised bricks,for immediate use. The IKO Pacopatch Brick makes the ironwork re-reinstatement permanent, every time with no costly second visit! The Pacopatch brick leaves no voids and no compaction is necessary. Another plus is that IKO Pacopatch bricks are an impermeable, monolithic reinstatement option. it is quick and easy to lay for much faster repairs than traditional means as well as having a huge choice of surface finishes that blend into the surroundings. The bricks are composed of recycled aggregates which minimises the waste.

IKO Pacopatch Grout
The IKO Pacopatch Grout is delivered in palletised 20kg blocks, ready to be re-melted. The grout leaves no voids and no compact is required. IKO Pacopatch grout is an impermeable, monolithic reinstatement option that means no costly second visit is needed. The IKO Pacopatch grout is a polymer modified asphalt so it has more flexibility and durability. Not only that but IKO Pacopatch is quick and easy to lay and enables fast repairs. The IKO Pacopatch grout comes in a range of surface finishes that blend in with the existing surroundings.

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Watch the Installation Video: How to install IKO Pacopatch Road Ironwork Reinstatement System. To see how quick an easy IKO Pacopatch Ironwork Reinstatement is!


You can find the IKO Pacopatch Installation Manual: IKO Pacopatch Road surface Re-Instatement System Around Ironworks; gullies, manholes, drain covers and inspection chambers here Download PDF»

Case-Study: A failed manhole near a residential area in Market Harborough needed to be reinstated. Leicestershire County Council required a long-lasting road ironwork reinstatement solution that could be installed right first time. Download PDF»


IKO Pacopatch CE Marking Certificate. Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Product Control 0836–CPR–14/F082»A system with built-in environmental certification.

IKO PLC has achieved the environmental standards ISO 14001 and BES 6001 for it’s mastic asphalt and hot melt factory where IKO Pacopatch is manufactured, in Derbyshire. IKO’s investment in developing the factory has made it as environmentally friendly as possible.

green credential
Green Credentials

IKO Offsetting Mastic Asphalt Carbon Emissions to Zero. Through CO2balance, IKO provides a mastic asphalt solution with no discernible carbon footprint.

In January 2008, UK mastic asphalt became the first industry in the world to achieve the CarbonZero™ standard. To achieve CarbonZero™ status, the UK mastic asphalt industry is effectively taxing itself in the interests of the environment. Individual companies have taken this route before but this is a world first for an entire industry.

By pooling resources and reaching a unanimous decision, we are now in a position to influence the green thinking of every industry in the world. Through this remarkable feat, we want to inspire the entire construction industry – in Britain, Europe and across the globe – to unite with us in the battle against climate change.


Ironworks new code of practice is good news for the Industry. The new Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment was introduced in May 2017. The code is designed to ‘provide practical guidance on avoiding early life failure… read more»

The latest blog post about IKO Pacopatch and IKO Permatrack is now available “On the Right Track with IKO Road Repair Systems”…read more»

Got a Road Ironwork Question?

These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about road ironworks and IKO Pacopatch.


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The IKO Pacopatch ironwork reinstatement system is installed by one of our approved installer. All our approved installers have been through our IKO training program to ensure quality installations.

If you want to become part of our IKO Pacopatch network of approved installers get in touch now!

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Once the ironwork is bedded, IKO Pacopatch infill and surfacing can be installed in 20 min.

IKO Pacopatch Ironwork Reinstatement Installation Video

If correctly designed and installed the IKO Pacopatch road ironwork reinstatement system should outlast the surrounding road structure.

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IKO Pacopatch is a mastic asphalt material which is CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 13108-6 : 2016

Download a copy of the certificate:
Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Product Control 0836–CPR–14/F082

The RSTA ADEPT Code of Practice for Ironwork Systems Installation and Refurbishment document states that: “the installation of the Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt must be in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and must also conform to the requirements of the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH). It is recommended that Polymer Modified Mastic Asphalt used in ironwork installation should be CE Marked to EN13108-6 or have HAPAS or equivalent product certification and the certificate should be sought from the manufacturer“.
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IKO Pacopatch ironwork reinstatement system offers a 5 year material guarantee for a long-lasting installation.

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