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What are the main causes of commercial roof defects? Understanding these main reasons helps you to make the right decisions during the specification process:

  • Improper choice of materials that are not intended for that type of roof
  • Inadequate design considerations (falls, drainage, number of fixings etc)
  • Poor quality materials that damage over time

The lightweight features of single ply membranes provide the best solution for large scale flat roofs supported with a metal deck. But what else would you need to specify with confidence?

Specification Support to Reduce Risk

Unfortunately, right material choice doesn’t necessarily give you the piece of mind solution you need as most manufactures avoid taking the design responsibility. IKO Polymeric however, offer you a full design support to help you with CAD drawings, wind up-lift and drainage calculations. So you know how many outlets are exactly needed to help keep your roof free from standing water or have the right number of fixings to secure the membrane against strong winds.

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