Now you Reduce the Risks… What Else?

We can help you to reduce your impact on the environment through various initiatives. At IKO, we only use responsibly sourced materials in our production. That’s why all our UK manufacturing facilities are BES6001 certified. We are also ISO 14001 accredited as a proof of our continuous commitment to the environment.

Our single ply roofing systems help specifiers and clients to achieve sustainable and energy efficient buildings with high BREEAM ratings,  meeting the standards of today’s modern construction.

Both of our IKO Armourplan PVC roofing systems and IKO enertherm insulation boards are made in the UK where we support over 100 local jobs. By choosing a British Manufacturer like IKO, you will not only be supporting the British economy but also cutting down the carbon footprint from product deliveries.

As you would appreciate, being a responsible specifier is not just about choosing the right product but also considering the impact you have on the environment. By having IKO as your roofing partner, you will automatically tick another important box and specify with confidence.

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