IKO POLIMAR FCS – Cold Applied Waterproofing System for Car Parks

IKO Polimar FCS is a fast curing cold applied liquid system providing a highly durable, flexible and slip resistant waterproofing for car parking projects.


  • Heavy duty wearing layer for vehicle and foot traffic
  • Able to withstand typical mechanical stresses
  • Fast curing application
  • Can be trafficable soon after it is installed
  • Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water
  • Seamless and secure waterproofing even on the most complex upstands and penetrations
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging even at low temperatures
  • Permanently weather-resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, hydrolysis)
  • Design options (colour finish, bay markings, lines and symbols, etc.)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate


The polyester fleece-reinforced waterproofing layer of the IKO Polimar FCS car park makes the system particularly suitable for all areas that include joints or that are highly susceptible to cracking. The heavy duty wearing layer, the modifiable skid or slip characteristics and the extensive surface design options, provide the necessary flexibility to meet the individual requirements of the car park


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