IKO Pacopatch is a polymer modified mastic asphalt highway reinstatement system for reinstating the road surface around ironworks. 

The IKO Pacopatch system is an ideal solution for repairing cracks or potholes around road ironworks such as manholes, drains, gullies and inspection chamber covers. It gives ironworks long lasting reinstatement without the need of a costly second visit. It is also quick and easy to lay for faster repairs.

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Benefits: Pacopatch Ironworks Reinstatement System

  • Long term road reinstatement – no costly second visit
  • Fast installation – no extended road closures
  • No voids or compaction required – no more damages to ironwork seating
  • Smoother transition from ironwork to flexible pavement – improved structural continuity
  • Impermeable, monolithic asphalt reinstatement solution
  • Polymer modified asphalt for more flexibility and durability
  • Choice of surface finishes blending in with existing surroundings
  • Uses recycled aggregates – reduced waste
  • CE Certificate 0836–CPR–14/F082
  • BS EN 13108-6 certified
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Products – IKO Pacopatch System

The following components are used in this system, for road ironworks installation or repair:

Highways & Civils

IKO Pacopatch Grout

Highways & Civils

IKO Pacopatch Brick