IKO TGX® Torch-On Cap Sheets are produced using a polyester reinforcement creating exceptional dimensional stability. The reinforcements are coated with a polymer modified bitumen which provides good high temperature performance and resistance to damage and marking during application.

IKO TGX® Torch-On Cap Sheet consists of a polyester carrier coated with polymer modified bitumen. The upper surface is finished with green or black mineral granules and the lower surface has a thermofusible film which rapidly melts during the torching operation. A 75mm sacrificial film selvedge facilitates bonding of side laps.

System Benefits

  • Torch-on application
  • Choice of green or black finish
  • Used on both flat and sloping roofs
  • Ideal for new roofs and the repair of existing felt and asphalt roofs
  • Low temperature flexibility -10ºC
  • Polyester reinforcement provides excellent dimensional stability
  • Provides good high temperature performance
  • Resistant to damage and marking during application
  • 10 year materials guarantee

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