IKO Tankstar T, when used on underground structures, provides a continuous waterproofing lining or ïtankingÍ to walls, floors and foundations, constructed in direct contact with the earth. In addition mastic asphalt can also be successfully used as part of a gas protection system.

The formulation of IKO Tankstar T includes the addition of Trinidad Lake asphalt. This gives the product improved laying qualities and greater thermal stability. When fully confined, IKO Tankstar T (High Performance Tanking) will provide an effective, seamless barrier to the transmission of water from the ground.


System Benefits

  • Complies with BS 6925: 1988 Type T 1097/1/T25
  • Used on insulated warm roofs, un-insulated cold roofs and inverted/ green roof configurations
  • Long term durability
  • Enhanced product stability
  • 10 year material guarantee
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting conforming to the CarbonZero™ initiative

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IKO Tankstar T