IKO’s non-breathable roof underlays protect your cold ventilated roof space from wind-blown water, snow and dust. They are only suitable for use in cold ventilated pitched roof systems. Warm roofs, or roofs without adequate ventilation, require a breather membrane instead.

IKO Non-Breather Underlay Guide

IKO Pitched Roof Underlay

A lightweight and high-performance underlay for pitched, tiled and slated roofs

  • Prevents the ingress of wind-driven dust, rain and snow into the roof void
  • Installed in the same manner as conventional tile
    and slate underlays
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • Lightweight alternative to traditional IF
  • Convenient roll lengths
  • Roll size options: 15m x 1m and 45m x 1m

IKO Undertile Felt IF

A traditional bituminous underslating

  • Manufactured specifically for use as an underslating beneath tiles or slates in open rafter construction
  • Can also be used as a vapour retarder in built-up roofing
  • Favoured by many roofers and traditional slaters
  • Suitable for cold ventilated roofs