iko pitched roofing accessories guide

IKO Armourvent Multi

Ventilation Strip for Pitched Roof Ridges

  • Effectively controls the formation of condensation in the roof void
  • Effective but discreet ventilation solution
  • Ensures a smooth, straight and virtually invisible roofline
  • Strong and durable – helps extend the life of the roof
  • Rigorously tested in extreme weather conditions
  • Exceeds British Standards’ requirements for ridge ventilation
  • Easy to install

IKO Eaves Protection Strip

A high performance polyester based bituminous membrane

  • Specifically designed to give lasting protection where underslating membranes (eg. breather membranes) dress into external gutters.
  • Ensures full protection when dressing into an external half round guttering
  • Can be used with any underslating material (including breather membranes)
  • Conforms to NHBC Technical Standards
  • Roll size: 16m x 0.5m and 16m x 0.33m

IKO Rubershield Jointing Tape

A high performance double-sided self-adhesive tape, protected by a silicon release film on both sides

  • Allows the individual sheets of membrane to be sealed to each other and at detail work improves waterproofing performance.
  • Applied between the overlap and at perimeter details/roof penetration points in Rubershield and other polypropylene membranes to effectively seal the joints.
  • Cmake a considerable contribution to a roof complying with Part L of Building Regulations by effectively limiting unwanted air movement and improving thermal performance.
  • Roll dimensions: 50m x 50mm with 12 rolls per box)