IKO Quadra systems utilise modern bitumen technology in an innovative concept. They offer an ideal cost-effective overlay system for existing bituminous roofing membranes and can be used in either a one or two-layer system.

IKO Quadra membranes feature a diamond shaped coating on the underside of the membrane which is applied using heat activation, and subsequently permits the membrane to act as a vapour diffusion layer. This results in a bonding area to the substrate of approximately 40%, providing good bond strength and reducing the effect of blistering caused by trapped moisture.

System Benefits

  • Systems fully applied by torching
  • No bitumen boilers or cold adhesives required on site
  • Rap installation; up to 25% faster than traditional application
  • Energy efficient; uses less gas
  • ‘Diamond’ vapour diffusion system prevents blistering by trapped moisture
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate.

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    Products – IKO Quadra System

    The following components may form part of this system:


    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Quick Dry Bitumen Primer


    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Stickall