IKO Safestick Prevent is a self-adhesive system with the latest tackifier chemistry for outstanding all-round performance. Where traditional hot-application techniques are inappropriate or prohibited, this combination of high-tensile polyester base and SBS elastomeric bitumen coating offers all the benefits of a high-performance multi layer built-up system with a fire-safe application.


System Benefits

  • Easy installation – self-adhesive/heat welding, no gas torches or hot bitumen required
  • High strength and puncture resistance – tough polyester-based membrane
  • Prevent Graphite Fire Wall Technology with self-extinguishing properties
  • SBS elastomeric bitumen coating (low temperature flexibility -20°C)
  • Application in temperatures as low as 5°C
  • Classified BROOF(t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5: 2005 fire classification
  • Unrestricted use within Part B4 of the Approved Documents of the Building Regulations
  • Ideal for use as complete roof waterproofing or as a fire safe detailing option
  • Comprehensive guarantees available covering materials, workmanship and design

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Products – IKO Safestick Prevent System

The following components may form part of this system:


Preparation Layers


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IKOpro Sprayfast Lance

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