IKO Polimar EC/UV Roofing

IKO Polimar EC/UV liquid applied technology has been specifically developed to deliver exceptional waterproofing for flat or metal profile roofs while minimising risks associated with hot works.

It is extremely durable and puncture resistant with the manageable tin sizes being ideal for areas of limited access.


  • Excellent durability and puncture resistance
  • Highly flexible in its design application
  • Wet on wet EC application saves time
  • For new construction or refurbishment projects
  • Suits most roof types
  • Applicable for full overlay installations
  • Can be applied to existing sound substrates
  • Simplifies complex detailing
  • Slip resistant option for maintenance walkways and private balconies


This premium system is highly flexible in its design and is suitable for all roof types including warm, inverted and full overlay applications. The IKO Polimar EC/UV system also incorporates a fully integrated slip resistant finish for private balconies and fire escapes.


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Products – IKO Polimar EC/UV System

The following components may form part of this system:

Preparation layers



Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent

Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Sprayfast IBA

Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro PU Adhesive (Insulation)

Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Sprayfast Lance

Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Sprayfast Spray Tip

Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Sprayfast Braided Hose


Liquids & Compounds

IKOpro Stickall