IKO POLIMAR FCS – Cold Applied Waterproofing System for Roofing

IKO Polimar FCS is a fast curing, 2-component, PMMA waterproofing solution specifically designed as a highly durable system for flat roofs. It creates a seamless waterproofing system incorporating even the most complex roof penetrations for long term performance.


System Benefits

  • Fast curing application
  • Fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water
  • Seamless and secure waterproofing even on the most complex upstands and penetrations
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging even at low temperatures
  • Permanently weather-resistant (resistant to high and low temperatures, UV rays, hydrolysis)
  • Rot and root resistant (FLL tested and approved)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Can be applied to almost any substrate
  • Provides easy access to the roof area


IKO Polimar FCS roofing system is used for creating a highly durable waterproofing membrane on flat roofs in new build developments and for refurbishment. The system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties – wherever secure waterproofing with a long service life is desired.

IKO Polimar FCS roofing system consists of a primer (if required), a waterproofing layer, a reinforcement fleece, and a sealing coat.

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    Products – IKO Polimar FCS System

    The following components may form part of this system:

    Preparation layers



    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Quick Dry Bitumen Primer

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Sprayfast IBA

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Sprayfast Lance

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Sprayfast Spray Tip

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro Sprayfast Braided Hose

    Liquids & Compounds

    IKOpro PU Adhesive (Insulation)