Hot Melt Roofing Systems

Hot melt is a type of roofing membrane that provides a completely seamless waterproofing. Applied as a hot liquid on the structural deck, hot melt roofing systems are commonly used on inverted roofs where the membrane is covered by ballast materials such as gravel or paving slabs.

On a typical hot melt roofing system, the membrane is installed directly on the deck followed by the insulation which is then weighted down by 20-40mm gravel or 50mm paving slabs.

Below is a typical roof build-up of a Hot Melt Waterproofing solution:

Why specify Hot Melt?

  • Membrane is covered and protected from footfall and mechanical damage
  • Ideal solutions for roofs requiring foot traffic from residential terraces to large commercial offices
  • Fully bonded system – if accidental damage occurs, water can’t migrate between the membrane and roof structure
  • Ideal solution for metal decks – no need to drill into the deck
  • No need for a separate vapour control layer
  • Simplified installation for roofs with several penetrations and upstands
  • Competitive solution  for flat roofs – No the need for tapered insulation and falls

Today many prestigious buildings in the UK have incorporated a hot melt system and many have chosen IKO Permatec, utilising its numerous benefits such as life expectancy, extreme high performance and competitive installation costs.

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