IKO Permascreed is a mastic asphalt levelling screed for flat roofs, walkways & vehicle decks. It is designed to provide drainage falls as well as a stable base for the specified waterproofing system.

Its special mastic asphalt formulation delivers a fast curing time, making the roof or deck trafficable much faster than traditional cement screeds. Site programs can therefore be streamlined and delays to other trades can be significantly minimised.

It is suitable for insulated warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roofs, car parks, flooring and balcony or terrace applications.

System benefits

  • Rapid cooling
  • Fast-track application – avoids extended curing time associated with wet screeds
  • Can be trafficked or covered as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature
  • Provides temporary roof waterproofing
  • Avoids the need for separate vapour control layer
  • Can be laid to a wide range of falls and thicknesses (minimum thickness 10mm at low points) reduce the thickness of the build-up by up to 80%
  • Can reduce the weight of a ballasted roof structure
  • Does not require compaction
  • Easily worked around roof protrusions
  • Delivered directly to site in purpose-built hot charge transporters
  • Also available in blocks ready to melt (when site access is limited)
  • Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects
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Fast-Track, Versatile, Mastic Asphalt Screeding Solution

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