IKO Black Sheathing Felt

Product documents


Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Accessory, Mastic Asphalt
Accessory Type: Protection Layer
Membrane Type: Vapour Control Layer

Product Information

IKO Black Sheathing Felt is normally used as a separating membrane in mastic asphalt roofing systems. Loose laid onto the roof deck or thermal insulation, with minimum 50mm side and end laps, prior to the application of the hot mastic asphalt. It comprises of a batt of recycled natural jute fibre which is impregnated with bitumen.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Produced using recycled material
  • Comprises part of a roofing system or light duty flooring applications

Colour: Black

Installation Method: Loose Laid
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small