IKO Britorch APP Torch-On Cap Sheet

IKO Britorch APP Cap Sheet is a non-woven polyester based torch applied cap sheet, coated with a high softening point APP modified bitumen coating. The upper surface is finished with mineral granules, and the lower surface has a thermofusible film which is rapidly dispersed, making application fast and secure.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Torch Applied – Rapid application and sealing of the laps

  • Granular Mineral Finished Cap Sheet ヨ UV stable.

  • APP Modification ヨ results in a higher softening point, reduces foot marking issues during installation

  • Polyester based carrier ヨ strong robust base material

  • Temperature Stable ヨ APP modified bitumen makes the product suitable for flat, sloping or vertical installation

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Britorch

By Project Type: DIY, Refurbishment

Installation Method: Torch-On

Material: Bituminous

Product Colour: Black, Green

Product Finish: Mineral

Product Type: Bituminous Membrane - DIY/Merchants

Profession: Home Owners, Installing Contractors, Merchants & Resellers

Roof Build Ups: Warm Roof

SKU: 73011000-2

Sector: Community & Amenity, Domestic, Private Housing, Social Housing

UK Manufacturing:

Key Performance Criteria

Accreditation: BES 6001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001

Certification: CE

IKO Guarantee: 20 Year

Membrane Carrier/Base: Polyester

Membrane Modifier: APP


Length mm: 8000

Weight kg: 40

Width mm: 1000

IKO Britorch

IKO Britorch Modified Torch-On Cap Sheet is a non-woven polyester based torch applied cap sheet with either a high softening point APP modified bitumen coating or a flexible SBS rubber modified bitumen coating.

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