IKO Easymelt Bonding Bitumen

Product documents


Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Bituminous

Product Information

IKO Easymelt Bonding Bitumen is a high grade bonding bitumen, supplied in easy to handle 10kg shrink wrapped blocks. IKO Easymelt combines the benefits of a high quality bonding bitumen, with the greater efficiency, safer handling and reduced waste that comes from this convenient package.

Features and Benefits
  • High quality general purpose hot bonding bitumen
  • Melt away packaging – less waste to clear up
  • Easy to use 10kg shrink wrapped blocks
  • Safer to use - almost half the weight of conventional keg bitumen
  • Environmentally friendly - no wrapper to remove and dispose of
  • Economical to stack and store – requires less room than conventional kegs
  • Heated in a standard bitumen boiler

Colour: Black

Project Type: Commercial Small, Domestic Large, Domestic Medium, Domestic Small