IKO Floorstar L (Light Duty)

Product documents

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet


Category: Flooring & Paving
Sector of Application: Flooring

Product Type: Mastic Asphalt

Product Information

IKO Floorstar L (Light Duty) mastic asphalt for flooring is typically laid in one coat to a thickness of 15-20mm. The surface can either be sand-rubbed or natural float finished.

Features and Benefits
  • Light duty mastic asphalt flooring is manufactured in accordance with BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076/2/11/B
  • Ideal for use in the following locations:- Underlays for other floor coverings- Shop floors to take fixed racks- Light assembly factory floors (foot traffic only)- Domestic floors
  • Special grades of IKO Floorstar mastic asphalt, suitable for specialist applications are available on request:- Acid and Chemical Resistant- Cold Storage- Gritless- Flooring for Unheated Buildings- Insulated Flooring- Suspended Floors
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting conforming to Carbon Zero initiative

Colour: Black

Product Finish: Sand-Rubbed Natural Float
Installation Method: Supplied as Block
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small