IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane 1000SA

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MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

TDS - Technical Data Sheet


Category: Structural Waterproofing
Sector of Application: Tanking

Product Type: Bituminous

Product Information


IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane 1000SA is a self-adhesive modified bitumen sheet material, that can be used as a fully bonded damp proofing membrane and as Type A Barrier Membrane protection within a structural waterproofing system designed to be compliant with the guidance of BS8102:2009.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust & Durable – the products combination of polymer modified bitumen on a polyethylene carrier makes it a tough and durable material choice.
  • Ease of Use – the product is cold applied and does not use specialist tanking equipment, making it a cost effective, low labour application.
  • Multi-Purpose – the product has multiple uses within the damp proofing and structural waterproofing arena

Colour: Blue

Product Finish: HDPE
Installation Method: Self-Adhesive
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small, Domestic Large, Domestic Medium