IKO Pacopatch Brick

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Category: Highways & Civils
Sector of Application: Crack Repair, Ironworks, Pavements and Surface Repair, Potholes and Patch Repair

Product Type: Mastic Asphalt

Product Information


IKO Pacopatch is a polymer modified mastic asphalt highway reinstatement system for reinstating the road surface around ironworks. It is a two part system comprising of IKO Pacopatch Grout and IKO Pacopatch Brick.

Features and Benefits
  • Supplied as 6kg palletised bricks, for immediate use
  • Permanent reinstatement, every time with no costly second visit
  • Smoother transition from ironwork to flexible pavement for improved structural continuity
  • No voids and no compaction needed (no roller or plate compactor)
  • Impermeable, monolithic reinstatement
  • Polymer modified asphalt for more flexibility and durability
  • Quick and easy to lay for faster repairs
  • Choice of surface finishes blending in with existing surroundings
  • Uses recycled aggregates minimising waste

Colour: Black

Installation Method: Supplied as Block
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small