IKO Permaflash D500

Product documents


Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Accessory
Accessory Type: Detailing

Product Information

IKO Permaflash-D (500mm) is a flexible bitumen polymer detailing sheet, installed to rainwater outlets. It is bedded into a coat of IKO Permatec followed by the full IKO Permatec System.

Features and Benefits
  • For use with the IKO Permatec System
  • Flexible detailing sheet
  • Installed to rainwater outlets
  • Installed within the IKO Permatec System
  • IKO Permaflash D300 (300mm) detailing sheet and IKO Permaflash D150 (150mm) detailing strip also available
  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 03/4009)

Colour: Black

Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small

BBA Certificate BBA 03-4009