IKO Permatrack H – Asphaltic Plug Joint Top Up (TU)

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MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

BBA Certification


Category: Highways & Civils
Sector of Application: Crack Repair, Expansion joints Transitional Joints, Ironworks, Pavements and Surface Repair, Potholes and Patch Repair

Product Type: Mastic Asphalt

Product Information

IKO Permatrack H - Asphaltic Plug Joint Top Up (TU) system is used to reinstate low movement asphaltic plug type systems which may have become distorted through heavy slow moving vehicles, or have suffered irreversible damage through overloading.

Features and Benefits
  • Rapid installation to unlimited width and depth with no compaction required
  • Resistant to the freeze/thaw cycle
  • Highways England Registered Product (No. 028 – 22/08/2002)
  • CE Marked Products (BS EN 13108 – 6)
  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • High bond strength to substrate with no special primers or bonders needed
  • Accommodates differential movement and resists heavy vehicle rutting and shear

Colour: Black

Installation Method: Top-Up Material (Hot Charge), Top-Up Material (Block)
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small