IKO Permatrack H (Heat Sink)

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Category: Highways & Civils
Sector of Application: Crack Repair, Expansion joints Transitional Joints, Ironworks, Pavements and Surface Repair, Potholes and Patch Repair

Product Type: Mastic Asphalt

Product Information

IKO Permatrack H (Heat Sink) offers a pre-formed gritted material used in Permatrack H Heavy Duty Bridge Deck Expansion Joints (BJ) to aid cooling.

Features and Benefits
  • No compaction required
  • Resistant to the freeze/thaw cycle
  • Highways England Registered Product (No. 028 – 22/08/2002)
  • CE Marked Products (BS EN 13108 – 6)
  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • High bond strength to substrate with no special primers or bonders needed
  • Accommodates differential movement and resists heavy vehicle rutting and shear
  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 02/H072)

Colour: Black

Installation Method: Supplied as Block
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small

BBA Certificate BBA 02-H072