IKO Polimar CRS (Cladding Refurbishment System) Tape

Product documents


Category: Cladding
Sector of Application: Flat, Pitched, Repair and Waterproofing

Product Type: Accessory, Cold Applied Liquid
Accessory Type: Tape

Product Information

IKO Polimar CRS (Cladding Refurbishment System) Tape is used to bridge joints and cracks in the substrate before the application of additional IKO Polimar CRS (Cladding Refurbishment System) product.

Features and Benefits
  • For areas of external cladding
  • Durable and highly flexible
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Complex shapes easily incorporated for ease of application
  • Does not chalk on ageing leaving a clean finish
  • High elasticity allows membrane to 'move' without cracking or splitting
  • Internal reinforcement often avoids the need to use dry reinforcement scrims, matting etc. on tight lap joints, bolt heads etc.


Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small