IKO Polimar UV

Product documents


Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Cold Applied Liquid

Product Information

IKO Polimar UV is an elastomeric, high build single component polyurethane UV stable top coat which comprises a blend of moisture triggered polyurethane resins. Once applied, the cured membrane forms a seamless durable waterproof barrier which provides excellent thermal and UV stability for all climatic conditions.

Features and Benefits
  • Premium performance
  • Excellent durability and puncture resistance
  • Highly flexible in design application, simplifying complex detailing
  • Wet on wet IKO Polimar EC application saves time
  • Can be applied to existing sound substrates in new construction or refurbishment projects
  • Suitable for most roof types
  • Slip resistant option for maintenance walkways and private balconies
  • 15 or 20 Year materials guarantee**Depending on the reinforcement used

Colour: Green | Grey

Product Finish: INFO MISSING
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small