IKO Powergum Quadra AD


Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Bituminous
Membrane Type: Cap Sheet

Product Information

IKO Powergum Quadra is a high performance, fire resistant, roofing membrane consisting of a polyester/glass composite carrier, enhanced with a layer of expandable natural graphite crystals, and coated with a high performance APP polymer modified bitumen. IKO Powergum Quadra also incorporates a diamond shaped coating on the underside of the membrane which is applied using heat activation, and subsequently permits the membrane to act as a vapour diffusion layer. This results in a bonding area to the substrate of approximately 40%, providing both excellent wind uplift resistance and vapour diffusion. The underside of the roofing membrane is printed with a thermofusible film, and the top surface is finished with a dark grey mineral slate.

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent adhesion to substrate
  • APP Modified bitumen coating
  • Polyester/glass composite base with high tensile strength
  • Contains Prevent graphite firewall technology
  • Energy efficient torch on or hot air application
  • Built-in Diamond vapour diffusion system

Colour: Grey

Product Finish: Mineral
Installation Method: Torch-On
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium, Commercial Small