IKO Rubershield Pro

IKO Rubershield Pro is a 140g/m2 Type LR Breather Membrane conforming to the requirements of BS5534:2014 when installed within a ventilated cold pitched roof construction. It is BBA approved* for use within cold and warm unventilated pitched roof construction and for use within vertical application.

IKO Rubershield is a range of BBA approved (cert No.15/5190)* breathable membranes for pitched roofs (IKO Rubershield ECO, ECO Extra and PRO Extra). Amongst other benefits, each membrane provides a barrier to minimise the wind uplift load, wind driven rain, snow and dust as well as transporting any unwanted moisture resulting from ingress through the primary roof coverage into the roof drainage system.

*Note: Laps were taped using Jointing Tape, BRE Report 302-776 Issue 5, 19th March 2015; The use of taped products is currently outside the scope of BBA Certificate 15/5190.

Key Benefits to your project

  • Breather membrane – Breathable; allows the passage of harmful water vapour

  • Weather resistant; acts as a secondary barrier to liquid water, wind driven snow and debris

  • Grid markings for quick and accurate cutting

  • BBA approved (Certificate No. 15/5190)

  • Compliant with BS 5534: 2014

Technical Information

Product Information

Brand: IKO Rubershield

Product Colour: Black

Product Finish: Fabric

Key Performance Criteria

Certification: BBA, CE

Tear Resistance (N): Longitudinal 100 Transverse 80

Tensile Strength [N(50mm)-1]: Longitudinal 240 Transverse 150


Length mm: 50000

Thickness mm: 0.48

Weight kg: 5-7.5

Width mm: 1000-1500

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