IKO Systems Heat-Activated (H-A) Underlay

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Category: Roofing
Sector of Application: Flat

Product Type: Bituminous
Membrane Type: Underlay

Product Information


The underside has a self-adhesive bitumen coating that provides a 40% partial bond allowing vapour dispersion between the membrane and substrate. The underside of the IKO system H-A underlay has a 75mm selvedge that is facilitates a rapid installation of the lap joints. The self-adhesive coating is protected by a release film.

Features and Benefits
  • Partial bond to prevent blistering from trapped moisture
  • Flame-free application
  • Rapid installation
  • Surface protection from the fine granule finish

Colour: Grey

Product Finish: Fine Mineral
Installation Method: Heat-Activated
Project Type: Commercial Large | Commercial Medium | Commercial Small