IKOpro Glass Reinforcement Fleece (GRF)

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Category: Roofing, Liquids & Compounds
Sector of Application: Flat, Repair and Waterproofing

Product Type: Accessory
Accessory Type: Reinforcement

Product Information

IKOpro GRF is a Glass Reinforcement Fleece which is embedded into the first coat of IKOpro Acrylic Roof Coat to offer total

Features and Benefits
  • IKOpro Glass Reinforcement Fleece (GRF) - 100gsm, is used as part of the IKOpro Acrylic Roof Coat system that can be applied on top of existing waterproofing including asphalt, bituminous felt and concrete
  • IKOpro Acrylic Roof Coat is a single component acrylic used direct from the tin.

Colour: White

Product Finish: Fleece
Installation Method: Loose Laid
Project Type: Commercial Small, Domestic Medium, Domestic Small