IKOpro PUMA Zero Adhesive

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TDS - Technical Data Sheet

Category: Liquids & Compounds
Sector of Application:

Product Type: Accessory | Cold Applied Liquid | Polyurethane

Product Information

IKOpro PUMA Zero adhesive is a two part, low rise polyurethane adhesive that contains no solvents and cures in minutes. IKOpro PUMA Zero can be used for bonding insulation in addition to its use as a fleece backed membrane adhesive. The speed and ease of use results in significant labour savings for roofing contractors. It is dispensed through a battery powered applicator assuring on-ratio mixing of the two part adhesive. It provides a high-quality, consistent application every time.

Features and Benefits
  • Rapid curing for a fast installation
  • A multi-purpose product for cost effective applications
  • Application temperatures as low as 0⁰C
  • Excellent adhesion properties

Colour: White

Installation Method: Direct from Container (requires applicator)
Project Type: Commercial Large | Commercial Medium | Commercial Small