IKOpro Sprayfast IBA

Product documents


Category: Liquids & Compounds
Sector of Application: Adhesion, Flat

Product Type: Cold Applied Liquid, Polyurethane

Product Information

IKOpro Sprayfast IBA (Insulation Bonding Adhesive) is a moisture-curing polyurethane adhesive that can be applied faster and more accurately than standard hand-poured PU adhesives. It utilises a new canister system, enabling rapid, professional bonding of a wide range of insulation boards to VCL or straight to deck.

Features and Benefits
  • Minimises time on site
  • Rapid Application
  • Ensures a smooth finish
  • Onsite storage
  • Minimises operative discomfort

Colour: Green

Installation Method: Sprayfast Hose
Project Type: Commercial Large, Commercial Medium