RIBA Approved CPD Seminars

IKO is able to offer a wide range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars that cover the technical design considerations of specifying modern day roofing and waterproofing systems. An outline of our CPD seminars can be seen below.

RIBA Approved CPDs

Benefits of PIR Insulation Within The Building Fabric

This seminar covers PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation, its range of applications and specification and an introduction to the use of PIR insulation in flat roofing.

Hot Melt Roof Waterproofing: The Zero Falls Roof Solution

This seminar will introduce architects and specifiers to the benefits of inverted roofs and hot melts monolithic waterproofing systems. It will introduce roof types, specification options, design considerations, environmental developments and support services on offer.

High Performance Flat Roofing Membranes for the 21st Century

This seminar provide an overview of traditional bituminous flat roofing and cold liquid applied systems, and the methods of application – Guidance on use of system accessories – Advice on workmanship and best practice – Advice on choosing the right insulation for purpose.

Mastic Asphalt - A Masterclass in Structural Waterproofing

Seminar focusing on Mastic Asphalt as an exceptional waterproofing material. Seminar explains exactly what Mastic Asphalt is and how it is versatile enough to be used in many different structural waterproofing scenarios.

Advanced Technology in Liquid Waterproofing Systems

Enables specifiers to learn about the benefits of using the latest liquid waterproofing  technologies designed to meet the needs of modern construction covering key applications including: Roof, Balcony & Walkway, External Cladding and Car Park.

Complex Detailing & Sustainability in Single Ply Roofing

This seminar is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge, explore the new developments in single ply roofing and find out how you can benefit from them to design modern and sustainable buildings by utilising high quality detailing.

Other CPDs Available

Advanced Bituminous Systems for Highways and Civil Engineering

This technical seminar highlights a number of typical problems experienced by road surfaces, bridge joints and highways ironworks, and features comprehensive overview of solutions offered by the IKO Permatrack product range.


IKO are part of RIBA, which offers a unique range of services with multiple routes to product specification. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has for over 30 years helped highlight the benefits of specifying IKO Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation products and systems. Additional functions include RIBA CPD (see above), RIBA Product Selector and NBS National Building Specification.

RIBA Product Selector

RIBA Product Selector is an online building products library of which includes IKO products and resources (all of which can be found in the product section of this website) aimed at UK construction industry professionals looking to research and source products, catalogues, technical documentation and contact information.

NBS (National Building Specification)

NBS provides specification and information solutions to construction industry professionals. Having produced specification products for over 40 years, NBS specification products cover building construction, engineering services and landscape design, including the IKO range of products and systems.

Booking a CPD Seminar with our IKO Experts

Please Note: Each CPD seminar is delivered by an IKO Technical Expert. Therefore if you are interested in (and tick) several CPD topics, you may be contacted by different IKO Technical Experts (specialist in their specific subject area) to discuss your particular requirements.