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IKO Permascreed can be installed to create drainage falls, level out uneven substrates, and provide a stable base for the specified roof/deck waterproofing system.

IKO Permascreed delivers a cure time of around 1 hour, making the roof or deck trafficable much faster than traditional cement screeds. Site programs can therefore be streamlined and delays to other trades are minimised.

Plus you have the added bonus of IKO Permascreed being Carbon Neutral through the CarbonZero initiative.


Save on cost

IKO Permascreed cures within one hour and can be trafficked  within a few hours


Save on time

It can be up to 672 times faster to successfully install IKO Permascreed than a traditional concrete screed.


Save on weight

Reduces the total weight of the roof system by reducing the thickness required by up to 80%


Save on CO2

Part of the CarbonZero initiative where the CO2 produced is offset with carbon credits that go to help two noteworthy causes:
Borehole project in Uganda
Stoves initiative in Kenya

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