IKO Permascreed

Compared to using traditional screeds, IKO Permascreed can save you up to 28 days of drying time, minimising the delays to other trades and reducing the project timelines tremendously.

IKO Permascreed is a mastic asphalt screed designed to provide drainage falls as well as a stable base for the roof waterproofing system.

IKO Permascreed can also reduce the weight of the roofing system by minimising the required thickness by up to 80%. What’s more, it also offers a carbon neutral solution for your project.


Save on time

Fast curing – trafficable within the same day, minimising the delays to other trades and project timelines


Save on weight

Weight reduction – reduces the total weight of the roof system by minimising the thickness required by up to 80%


Save on CO2

Carbon Neutral Solution – CO2 produced during the production process of IKO Permascreed is offset with carbon credits.

I want these savings on my next project

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