Find out how IKO Permascreed can speed up your critical path for roof waterproofing

IKO Permascreed has a rapid setting time, approximately 1 hour, whilst also allowing you to substantially reduce weight and build up thickness. Whether for levelling or to create drainage falls it offers a perfect surface onto which to install your chosen roof waterproofing.

Our IKO Permascreed presentations will be hosted by Lauren Clark (Area Business Manager) and Alistair Puddick (Area Business Manager) and will discuss:

  • Brief Company Overview
  • What is IKO Permascreed?
  • Suitability
  • IKO Permascreed Benefits
  • IKO Permascreed Grades and Coverage
  • Typical Details
  • Site
  • IKO Permascreed Mapping


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