It’s important that any construction work comes with a guarantee, for peace of mind for all stakeholders. But not all guarantees offer the same cover, varying drastically between contractor and manufacturer. IKO can offer a comprehensive range of single point and linked guarantees to suit the requirements of any project.

Roofing Guarantees

Below are the four main areas to consider when entering into an agreement:

What Should an Initial Quote Cover?

  • The location and area of each roof
  • Core sample testing and reasons for waterproofing failure
  • Proposals for overcoming faults and failure within the roofing structure
  • Proposed working schedule and completion date(s)
  • Full details of all materials and application methods to be used
  • Proposed guarantees and insurance provided
  • Health and safety precautions
  • Any additional specification to be considered
  • Quote validation period

Before, During and After the Project

  • Quality Control – Who has final project sign off and decides if a guarantee will be issued?
  • Experience – What checks are in place to verify contractor experience and who will inspect the work?

What will the Guarantee Cover?

  • Materials – What materials are covered?
  • Workmanship – Can any contractor be involved or do they have to be approved?
  • Length – How long does / will the guarantee last for?
  • Caveats – Is there anything specific that may null and void the guarantee?

Have the following Credentials Been Checked?

  • The Contractor – The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)
  • The Workforce – Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards (CSCS)

IKO Single Point Guarantee

An IKO Single Point Guarantee is the most comprehensive guarantee we can provide.

An IKO single point guarantee covers all the components of the installation, including;

  • Workmanship defects
  • Material quality / performance issues
  • Design implementation

Single point guarantees are often preferred by specifiers and building owners, as the responsibility for all the elements of the guarantee, including workmanship defects, material quality/performance issues and design input, is placed with the product manufacturer. If there is a problem with the roof during service, the client has only to call the manufacturer to get the matter resolved, regardless of whether the defect is material or workmanship related.

A single point guarantee can be a major factor in maximising the rental value of a property, as potential tenants will know that any roof problems will be rectified. In addition, as the guarantee is fully transferable to a new owner, a single point guarantee can also have a significant and positive impact on the final sale value of a property.

IKO Linked Guarantee

Covers IKO materials (manufactured, marketed and supplied by IKO), and whereby the IKO Registered Contractor underwrites their workmanship for the installation of the waterproofing material in accordance with IKO recommendations and good practice throughout the term of the guarantee.

Allows a contractor who undertakes their own work, the added benefit of being able to offer a manufactures guarantee covering the waterproofing materials used, and being underwritten by their workmanship. The guarantee are dual signatures, one from the waterproofing supplier, the other by the installing contractor.

Provides the end user the benefit of a guarantee underwritten by both waterproofing manufacturer for their materials supplied, and the workmanship by the installing contractor.